Testing the film Kono! Monolit ISO64

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  • Posted on: 7 January 2020
  • By: admin

A few months ago I received this reel as a gift in an order from one of my German photographic material suppliers. All right!

Last October, taking advantage that I had a session with the fantasticEly on Llumàtics studio I liked the idea of trying this reel. I shot at 50 ISO and devoloped it with HC-110 as I found on the Internet and ... well, I liked the result, really. The problem, like many other times, is the high price of this, but hey, there is what there is!

I leave an album of my Flickr with some resulting photographs.

Leica M4-2 – Summicron40f2 – Kono! Monolit ISO64 – HC-110 – 8,5′